Growing up in Israel, Gila was raised right next to the famous Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem. Her
mother, was also a superior chef and had thousands of great Iraqi recipes that she taught her daughter.
These recipes had been passed down through many generations, and Gila was very proud to learn them
as well.

Gila also didn’t have to travel very far to find some of the most exciting and unique foods. The nearby
Mahane Yehuda Market produced some of Israel’s best cuisines, restaurants and Chefs. The market is a
wonder of great and diverse cultures. Gila said that her true passion for food was influenced by the
market and the thousands of immigrant merchants from all over the world. Gila’s pursuit of culinary
excellence continued; her mother in law was also a remarkable Chef. Born in a small town in Poland, her
mother in-law was an expert of eastern European food and even wrote a famous cook book that was
published in Israel. She also happily taught Gila everything she knew.

Gila turned all of these learnings and experiences into a successful catering career. In 2003, Gila and her
family made the decision to come to the United States to start a new life in Long Island. She opened
another new Catering company (Catering By Gila) and immediately established herself as a reputable
food option in the Long Island Catering market.
In 2005 she opened Gila’s Restaurant inside the JCC in Roslyn and juggled her skills between the
restaurant and her private catering. In 2012 Gila opened Gila’s Nosh Restaurant in Manhattan, which
quickly became one of the best Mediterranean take-out restaurants in the area. Gila continued with her
catering business as well. In 2019, after 8 fruitful years with Gila’s Nosh, Gila decided that she wanted
to focus solely on her Catering with innovative culinary ideas and a passion that is sure to win the hearts
and palates of even the most critical of people.

Gila has devoted her whole life to her love of food –

 “My love of food is my love of people, family and community. It is the ultimate bond that brings all of us together no matter where we are from and what language we speak”.

Gila - Face Closeup